communication that makes you Unique

What we do
Communication that attracts and holds attention is a crucial element for a
successful business. Be it through electronic or print media vast amounts of
information bombard us daily. We process some of it, save a little, and
delete the rest.

How can you make your message count? How can you make a
memorable visual and conceptual point about your products or services?

Creativity and clarity of presentation will distinguish you from your competitors.
To genuinely connect with your audience – to educate and persuade them –
you need a marketing communications firm with a history of success.

Why Janice McLemore Graphic Design Inc.?

During 30 years of business, we’ve established a reputation for developing
high caliber solutions grounded in solid marketing principles for diverse clients
in many different industries.

We’ve resourcefully developed effective marketing vehicles within all types
of budget parameters – without sacrificing quality and functionality.

We have an outstanding track record for producing all types of successful
communications for print and electronic media including:

Branding and identity campaigns
Annual reports, Brochures, and Publications
Web Site development/design
Package design
Tradeshow/exhibit design